The light project

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Together with our friends from One Million Lights Philippines and Kids for Kids, we aim to provide solar lights to off-grid and typhoon struck communities all around the Philippines. 

With your help, we have already been able to provide more than 1,500 lights to those who need them the most. 


Why Light? 

Kerosene Lamps are both dangerous and expensive. But they're also the most accessible choice for so many, especially climate refugees finding new homes. It can cost a family up to Php 40 ($0.83) a day to use a lamp, which isn't affordable for those who are already struggling. 

Kerosene lamps are used at night in farms, on boats, and inside houses. The World Bank estimates that breathing in its fumes is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. 

For just Php 900 ($20.00) you can provide a solar light to a family for 5 years. That's 5 years of savings, of health benefits, and safety. 

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