Sponsor a Student Update!

We first met Salve's family during our 2021 Typhoon Relief Distributions. Our Bicol Coordinator first spotted Salve selling Gabi, a root crop, by a highway and quickly found out that her and her family needed support.

Salve's father is an abaca farmer. A livelihood that was taken away after the destruction of Super Typhoon's Ulysses and Rolly in 2021. Gabi, a crop that is planted underground, was the only harvest that withstood and survived after the storms. Her father tells us that gabi was what their family lived off for a whole year after the storms. His only hope after the catastrophe was that his children could go back and finish school to break the cycle that had made them struggle for years.

Salves Father, November 2021. Photographed by Issa Barte.

After being a beneficiary to our Typhoon Relief fund, receiving solar lights, water filters, and immediate relief, we supported Salve to go back to school last November, 2021.

Today, her and her siblings are able to go back to school, and because of the Sponsor a Student program, are able to bring a more substantial meal to her family everyday.

Our Sponsor a Student program supports education not just through books, but through relieving the daily struggles of families who survived the typhoons. As a Sponsor, you are actually helping a whole families by supporting our students.

As we say, typhoons don't just come and go-- they take everything with them. Our programs are our reply to these times.

To become a sponsor today, head here.

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