New solar lights for 3 Zambales Communities

In many of the mountain communities in Zambales, Philippines, light ends with the night. The three communities in San Felipe of Banawen, Yangil, and Sitio Surgey either use wood or gas lamps to light the dark.

The Yangil and Banawen communities live within the landscapes restructured by the infamous eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 which forced them to rebuild their communities in volcanic ash-stricken lands. Today, the Yangil community is regrowing their lost forest with the help of For the Future, MAD Travel, and various other organizations.

With these new solar lights and chargers, students within these three communities on modular school can continue learning through the night, parents can use their lights in their fields, and also use them to make their way in and through their villages. New lights means new ways of life 🌟 Thank you to @omlph_bsm for sponsoring some of these lights! 🌞

The Light Project by @kidsforkidsph @forthefututeph and @onemillionlightsph

Pictures and distribution by Issa Barte.

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