Guardians of the Marsh Receive Solar Headlamps

It was in 1999 that the Agusan Marshland was declared as a Ramsar Wetland Site. It's 15,000 hectares of protected area is now guarded from the reactivated commitments of Bantay Danao last 2019, the rangers of the surrounding areas. The Agusan Marsh covers the surrounding municipalities of San Francisco, Rosario, Bunawan, Veruela, Loreto, Talacogon, and La Paz in the province of Agusan del Sur-- also where our rangers come from.

Agusan Marsh is one of the most ecologically significant wetlands in the country with a complex network of lakes, rivers, ponds, and marshes. 197 species of birds were recorded throughout the marsh, as well as 53 species of reptiles, including 2 turtle species, 240 species of vascular plants, and so much more.

Bantay Danao or "river rangers" is a local effort to protect the Agusan Marshlands. Through the Light Project, we were able to distribute solar headlamps to each of the 202 rangers in the area.

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