Bioten visits Yangil!

As our 88k Trees Project is well underway, our partners from Bioten Greece came to visit the reforestation site in the ancestral lands of the Yangil Tribe to finally be able to meet the community. Together, we were able to see how far we've come and how far we yet have to go to make this dream of a whole new forest a reality.

We've already been able to crowdfund more than halfway through to reach our goal of procuring 88,000 new native seedlings for the forest. This July, we will also be cleaning up more land just in time for planting season later this year, with each of the 52 families in the Yangil Tribe assigned to a part of the reforestation site.

With the help of Bioten, we're well underway to see this whole new forest in our lifetime! Big thanks to MAD Travel as well for spearheading this trip. Stay tuned for more updates.

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