fueled by stories

We started our work because of the story of the Yangil Tribe and their home. This story has sent us across our country meeting new friends, exploring our home, and most importantly, showing us just how powerful stories are when we share them. Stories can change the world-- they're already touching lives.

Our goal is to share the stories of the Philippines to Filipinos, and by doing so, gather more support for those who own these stories. In sharing the stories of our home, we can get a better understanding of what it means to protect it.

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Photo by Issa Barte

Changing the World One Photo at a Time: Reflections of a Youth Leader

A story crafted for the National Geographic Education Blog 

by our co-founder Issa Barte

Photos by Issa Barte


A story crafted from our typhoon relief on the Philippine island of Catanduanes Story by Issa Barte

Photos by Ivan Torres and Issa Barte

Light is a luxury for people on this philippine island- vice asia


This Online Store Lets You Buy Materials for a Tribe to Rebuild Their Forest

How we started Fund the Forest, a 3 month project to raise awareness about reforestation to support the Yangil Tribe. The first step to what would become

For the Future. 

Story by Lia Savillo 


Photo by Issa Barte

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Photo by Ivan Torres


Photo by Issa Barte

Photo by Issa Barte

Photo by Ivan Torres