Fund the forest

For the Future aids reforestation.

We at For the Future believe you don't have to be anyone else to be a person to change the world-- and so we start with taking action for the world around us together with our friends from the Yangil Tribe.

We commit to raise Php 1,000,000.00 for both the reforestation and community development goals of the Yangil Tribe. Together, we can restore the mountainside of the Yangil community which will safegaurd the tribe from the annual floods, bring back biodiversity, and secure them a sustainable livelihood. 


Photos by our Forest Friends Marty Floro and Andrew Son

Turnover goods


3 carabaos


47 fruit seedlings


282 crop packs

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last April, 2020 we had deposited php 30,000.00 of the forest fund to mad travel's farmer initiative to aid the yangil tribe during the covid-19 pandemic.
last April, 2020 we sent php 20,000.00 worth of basic necessities and masks to aid the yangil tribe during the covid-19 pandemic.

3 fertilizer drums

medical and food aid 2020-2021