In partnership with Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, we started an educational online campaign about our endemic animals who find home in Danjugan Island. 

Danjugan Island is the center of a marine reserve, with 3 sanctuaries (no-take zones). The forests have since been left alone, reforested naturally by its resident birds and bats. Today, the island has become one of the top eco-tourism destinations that observes a low-impact, low-volume, high-quality and high-value tourism model, keeping it as natural and pristine as possible.

PRRCFI has gone a long way since, heading several environmental programs that focus on biodiversity conservation, nature tourism, science and research, environmental education, solid waste management and zero-waste initiatives.

Who's that Animal?  explores the different wildlife situated in the waters, lands, and sky of Danjugan. We aim to make learning about our home fun and relatable!





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For the animals

For The Future protects our animals.
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the philippine eagle center

In partnership with Eco Explorations, we at For the Future have committed to supporting both the animals and the workers of the Philippine Eagle Center (PEF). 

The 100 animals and their caregivers who reside and work in the PEC need our help now more than ever.

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