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for the future

Creating Youth-led change by providing 
avenues of action through stories
in service of the people and planet.

Reforestation Collaboration Storytelling

Photo by Ivan Torres



Our flagship project, For the Forest, aims to mobilize the youth into restoring 3,000 hectares of ancestral land side by side the Yangil Tribe of Zambales.
We are fueled by storytelling and fully believe in the power of sharing them.

Why we're here

For the Future started from a simple idea.


"If everyone we knew pledged to plant a tree, we'd have a whole new forest by now." Imagine a whole new forest in our lifetime! It's possible. So in the October of 2019, we started the work.

On our journey towards restoring our lands, we realized reforestation requires more than just trees. And so now we work with the communities that depend on nature-- the people who are also the pillars to this better future. We share the stories of our friends from far-flung places, our indigenous groups who are our real environment defenders, our neighbors who's stories need to be heard.

Here at For the Future, we believe that you don't need to be anyone else to be a person that can change the world (you can take it from our team of artists, data scientists, writers, musicians, and managers). We all come from different roots but are committed to the same goal: making helping easily accessible for you, so you can help empower our partner communities. We aim to simplify the first step towards making your difference for our world. We aim to tell the stories of our friends, and in turn, get more people to listen, then to act.

Imagine a better tomorrow!

Let's make it real.